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Teacher of the Month--February 2020

Mr. Frantz February 2020 Teacher of the Month

Congratulations, Mr. Frantz!

The Aspirations Team has started to recognize a Teacher of the Month. All middle school students will be invited to submit their choice for Teacher of the Month and provide the reason why they chose that particular teacher. Mr. Frantz is an 8th grade social studies teacher on Team Denali, and he has the prestigious honor of being elected our very first Teacher of the Month. The following comments were submitted on behalf of Mr. Frantz (comments are verbatim, so no editing liberties were taken).


  • The reason why is because he always listens to my problems. He also helps me with my problems
  • I like Mr.France because he’s funny and he gives us food if we win a game.
  • I want mr France to win the teacher awarded because he is the nicest teacher i have ever had, he is also a very funny teacher. He is my favorite teacher an this is why I think mr France should win the teacher awarded.
  • He’s so cool and he does a lot of cool stuff with us and he actually knows how to teach properly.
  • He’s super funny, and understanding. His method of teaching is great and he makes social studies super fun and interesting I don’t mind going there it’s my favorite subject.
  • I pick mr Mr.Frantz because he is super Funny and is sarcastic
  • He is very funny, really relaxed but he also is a very good teacher, is serious about his job and cares about his students education.
  • Mr. Frantz should get teacher of the month because he makes you laugh and still teaches us. He also somehow brings every off topic conversation back to what we are supposed to be learning.
  • I believe he deserves teacher of the month because he motivates us to work in class and to do our best in school. He also doesn’t assign us much homework but he balances it out by giving us a fair amount of class work. Mr. Frantz in general is just the best teacher in the building.
  • He cares about his student a lot, and always finds a way to make learning fun.
  • The reason I’m nominating Mr.Frantz is because he makes learning interesting and fun. When he teaches I never feel like “Oh this class is so boring.” It makes me feel interested in what he is teaching us. Not only is he a great teacher he is a funny and just a nice person.
  • I pick mr frantz because he’s just an amazing teacher he has unique ways to teacher and he is extremely funny.
  • This teacher should get teacher of the month because his teaching methods are truly helpful to me and other classmates. He also has a sense of humor that makes most people in our class laugh and enjoy the class. The final reason is that he is fun to debate with, he provides good points and goes on the other side of the argument to make you think and try to defend your side.
  • I nominate him because he’s a good teacher and he doesn’t just just talk about social studies we have awesome discussions about what’s happening right now in the real world and learn things that we need to know as we grow as we become adults and he is a fun teacher during 2 period class he can be a little bit not in the mood but I’m use to it now since it’s almost the end of the school year that’s why I nominate him !!
  • Mr.Frantz is a really great teacher and I’ve learned a lot from him, he’s always there for his students if you need him.
  • Because he’s a very cool teacher

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